Why do people deny climate change?
- bob.pen@example.com - about 4 years ago

- job@example.com answered about 4 years ago-
I don't deny it, it's that I do not naively assume that it's entirely manmade. There have always been periods of climate change. The establishment is using the currently one as an excuse for tax increases and other forms of control. Wake up Americans, wake up to the ulterior motive behind this.

- rogy@example.com answered about 4 years ago-
This is just one of the ways that American politics is broken. In the UK and Australia there's pretty much a consensus that climate change is a real thing that needs to be avoided, but in the US special interest groups and low voter turn-out conspire to turn the Republican party presidential primaries into a who can deny climate change more competition

- pammymaker@example.com answered about 4 years ago-
Yes! it is fact that climate is changing. Perhaps, it's not exactly same with the mentioned time-frame of climate experts. This world having big natural calamity frequently. Still many people deny climate change- I think it's reason is mostly political or avoiding responsibility of causes of this changes.