I'm looking for a new outdoor umbrellas, would you consider this lime green color one?
- rogy@example.com - about 4 years ago
I searched the Internet, and this lime green umbrella comes to my eyes: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00ICFWFHG, What a beautiful one! I like this color, but never tried this before. So I really need your suggestions.

- job@example.com answered about 4 years ago-
Yes, I like it. It's this lime green color I'm looking for.

- pammymaker@example.com answered about 4 years ago-
I love that color, it's so fresh and makes me feel happy. Yes, I definitely would buy a lime green umbrella.

- bob.pen@example.com answered about 4 years ago-
I'm 73 years old. If I were replacing my present outdoor umbrella, I'd buy the lime green one. It's a very 'in' colour just now and no reason to believe it's going to look dated for a long time. As Tony said, the colour is easy on the eyes.